Philip Krain

Solutions for resiliency and empowerment

 It takes all of us.  

What would you like done?

For two decades, I have been supporting small teams who aim to make large impacts doing good work. Those teams were small because our focus was ahead of industry and most consumers. As such, adding value and getting things done required wearing many hats, learning on the job and preparing to pivot. Although I’ve worn quite a few hats, supporting the team and creating positive energy within the organization is my goal.

Energy and Real Estate Development

My first solar assessment was in 2002. Since then, I have been on teams working to develop projects using a variety of technologies with numerous applications. Please explore my Projects portfolio page for a sampling of these initiatives.   

  • Technology, market strategy and financial assessments
  • Resource, land use and feasibility development
  • Site acquisition valuation and permitting management
  • Financing structures, economic development projections and contract negotiations
  • Engineering, architect and contractor negotiation and management
  • Design + Build experience

Business Development

I enjoy the hunt for win-win deals and regenerative farming opportunities.

  • Quantitative and qualitative market and product research
  • Marketing, sales, partnership and strategy development
  • Account and customer relationship management
  • Self-accountable, performance monitoring and evaluation


I have been sharing the story of Sustainability for decades; distilling the complex into simple terms, analogies and visuals. We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, but when structuring deals, documenting processes or identifying the flow of resources, it’s even more valuable.  

  • Ecosystems: climate, energy, finance, transportation, food systems, lifestyle
  • Strategy guided by empathy, psychology, sociology and data
  • Outreach through inclusive community, stakeholder and individual engagement
  • Brand support with well crafted authentic websites, messaging and social media


As an analytical creative, I bring new ideas to the table. Whether it’s a climate crisis, brand strategy, organizational process, lifestyle product or empowering individuals to reduce their extraction dependence, there’s always a better way.
  • Sustainable design related to active and passive energy, green buildings, permaculture, food systems, transportation and lifestyle
  • Collaborative, open and humble
  • Ideation, solutions and process focused
  • SketchUp, Visio, Lucid Charts, Mural, WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite and plenty of power tools

When not focused on the task at hand, I enjoy content from a steady stream of industry influencers.  
  • Podcasts – SunCast, Carbon Copy, Catalyst, The Energy Show, The Energy Gang, The Interchange, Making Sense, How I Raised It, The Engage Podcast, Vertical Farming, etc…
  • YouTube – Undecided with Matt Ferrell, The Build Show, Electrician U, The Engineering Mindset
  • Recent Books – The Grid, Strategic Doing, The Speed of Trust, The Science of Energy, What Customers Crave, How to Have Impossible Conversations