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Energy Design

Off-grid collaborations
Solar projects and conversations
Passive solar cell site with reflective ceramic paint, louvered doors and an under solar air gap creating passive airflow.

Design Facilitation and Collaborations

American Institute of Architects
Inspiring all ages to design with freedom, laugh and build
Supporting others to design and create
Transforming wasted space into fruit tree garden beds and picnic platforms
Collaborating with members, designed and managed configuration of floor plan and build out
The Garage was successful because of its members and our collaboration
Dueling chopsaws and storage

Design + Build

Residential before

Reconfiguration side view

Side view with new walls, terraces and deck.
*Drawings by Dean Hanel LLC

Reconfiguration front view

Front view with new walls, terraces and deck
*Drawings by Dean Hanel LLC

Reconfiguration site plan

Full design submission
*Drawings by Dean Hanel LLC

Post construction
(Phase One)

New walls engineered for future deck
*Walls built by Kaya Construction
Woodwork Global Homestead

Precast ferrule loop inserts

Grid formation provides flexibility for a bench, table, etc...

New food forest

*Mountain Top Stone Masonry
Woodwork Global Homestead

Integrated water feature

Integrated habitat water feature and bench

Backspace before

Backspace after

Sketchup Models

Security Gate

Bath Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

Miscellaneous Designs

The "Sash Table"

Award winning: Counter weight enabled sit-stand desk using upcycled window hardware and reclaimed lumber

Backcountry Ski Sled

Modification of "Y" frame bike trailer combined with Chariot ski components