Philip Krain

Solutions for resiliency and empowerment

 It takes all of us.  

What would you like done?

Thank you for stopping by; I look forward hearing your great ideas and how we’ll leave this place better than we found it.

I was born in Philly, raised in the midwest, schooled in New Orleans and educated in Portland. Aside from an extended stay in Copenhagen, I have called the City of Roses home since 1996.

When away from my laptop, I’m either at one of our boys’ sporting events or knee deep into a project. And when I can get away completely, I prefer playing with gear over games.

As an early adopter, including microbrewing in the mid 90’s, sustainable investments in the early 2000’s and solar in the mid 2000’s, it’s been a joy to see these industries flourish.

Please explore the ever expanding links under the Portfolio tab and peruse the website retained from my three year adventure operating the Global Homestead Community Garage. 

The Global Homestead brand represents the need to innovate locally for global solutions.

  • The Sun Saw combines renewable energy with DIY
  • The Barn represents sustainable food systems
  • The Lightbulb reflects the importance of innovation
  • The Earth is our homestead

My Mission:

Pursue business opportunities and the technologies which support the inevitable transition towards a planet friendly and empowered lifestyle.

My Vision:

Create a legacy of supporting solutions, which create a better life for all generations.

My Core Values include:

  • Leave it better than found
  • Start the day fresh
  • Set a positive precedent