Business Consultation

Over twenty years involved in Sustainable Finance while supporting small teams with large impact. Skill specialties include spreadsheet modeling, project management, technical communications, grant writing and development. Industry specialties include energy, real estate, transportation and new products.

Design Services

The Garage is full of designers, fabricators and collaborators.  If you need expertise in the design process, ideation, computer drafting or prototype fabrication, we'd love to chat with you.  If we can't support you, we know people that can. 

Crowd Funding

We're fortunate to co-host the Crowdfunding Entrepreneurs MeetUp.  Keep an eye out for new events that bring this financing option to your idea.  Wrapping all our inhouse expertise together, our goal is to help you find and capture opportunity in the marketplace. 

Youth Education Programming

Working with local partners and organizations, the Garage is working to support a youth focused maker experience.  

Event and Party Planning

The Garage requires a significant amount of management on a regular basis.  We are happy to offer planning services within and beyond our facility to members and clients.  This includes game planning venues, staff, entertainment, catering, price forecasting and implementation. 

We'll help you get the job done.  Contact Us for more information.