We're excited to provide members a new platform of exposure.  We have the space to double our membership numbers and now have a limited access Community membership category.  We will be populating information from more members over the next couple weeks in order to better reflect the twenty five members which keep the Garage running. 
Picture of Philip Krain: Garage Steward

Philip Krain: Garage Steward

My job as the Garage Steward is to help members and the community enjoy working and meeting at the space. The list and range of responsibilities is endless. Most times, I'm fixing up the building, working on our tools or supporting members. When given the opportunity, I love to do marketing and coordinate events that would be enjoyed by those in the community. If you have a question, just ask!

Picture of Rick Shields: aka. ManicWoodWorx

Rick Shields: aka. ManicWoodWorx

Shop Steward

Rick Shields, from Manic Wood Werks, loves pushing the limits. Whether its bending wood, LED interactive furniture, home restorations or joinery, he blends traditional crafts with innovative elegance.

Picture of John Henry Souza Woodworking

John Henry Souza Woodworking

Custom woodwork that meets your needs, built to last a lifetime. Working out of Portland, OR I enjoy using local and high quality materials. Contact for quotes, questions and estimated delivery date. "I will be there... and I will be square"

Picture of Kurt Chambers

Kurt Chambers

Cascade Cabs (High end speaker cabinets)

I have combined over 30 years of cabinet building and my love of music to bring you the best possible speaker cabinet around. Currently I am focused on producing the most unique looking and best sounding 1x12 on the market. You can customize your own cabinet too. Bavarian cabs look great on a stage, in the home and the studio. More importantly these cabs sound like nothing you have heard before. Built out of a uniquely coated, void-free Birch plywood, these cabs project more of the killer tones that you produce. As far as I know, we are the only cab builders on the planet that utilize this wonderful product. Nothing sticks to it....not even sound.

Picture of Melinda Williams

Melinda Williams

SV Spice Packet: Lead Canvas and Upholsterer

Melinda's background is diverse and full of adventure. In addition to running an Indian product import company, she has traveled the world. Her next adventure will be setting off on her sailboat to explore the world once again! She runs her canvas working, fabrication and apparel prototyping business from the Garage and is always open to hearing your ideas.

Picture of Jessica Simpkins

Jessica Simpkins

Garbage and Rainbows

Jessica's background is in jewelry, metal and canvas work. She is ramping up production and development of new lines and will be posting more soon!